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If you’re still using 20 or 30-year-old economic and reserves forecasting software, there’s an incredible amount of value to be realized by switching to new, modern software. Business requirements, forecasting techniques, and technology have all changed dramatically and new software delivers significant value by making individuals more productive, as well as providing your company the ability to better make important key capital decisions with confidence.

As you look to employ a new economic evaluation software for your oil and gas company, just as important as the competencies and capabilities of the software itself is the team behind that solution. Purchasing a software solution shouldn’t feel like a one-time encounter between a salesperson and a buyer. Rather, the software’s customer service support staff should feel like an extension of your own team, through heavy involvement during the entire purchase and integration process. This is the value you’ll encounter when you have the right relationship with an economic and reserves forecasting software vendor. Let’s take a look at what you should expect from working with the right partner for your success. 

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Top Qualities to Look for in Your Next Oil & Gas Software Vendor

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Team’s Unique Needs

Prior to installing a new economic and reserves forecasting solution, your software vendor needs to understand your needs, goals, and expectations. The company’s customer service team ought to be asking your team questions like, “What features of your current program do you like and dislike the most?” and “What would help you adopt a new software the fastest and easiest?”

As a partner for your success, the right software vendor should take your responses and build out a customized experience, creating the most value and opportunity to adapt to your team. It’s important your vendor can help you manage the change that comes with switching software solutions or migrating out of manual processes. As the expert in forecasting software, ensure your oil & gas software vendor has a library of resources at your disposal to ensure your team’s optimal success. 

Ensuring You Get the Most Out of Your Oil & Gas Software

Imagine that you’ve just purchased a new oil and gas software. The vendor has installed it on all of your machines and has given your team some initial training on how to use it. At the start it’s great, but quickly your team starts to find difficulties around the best workflows to use with the new software or issues on missing capabilities. Does this sound familiar? It shouldn’t. 

Partnering with a software company means having an active and ongoing relationship with them. This also means having regular support, training, and timely updates. A great software provider should help your team to maximize the usage of all of the software’s tools and capabilities, ensuring your company gets the most ROI out of the purchase. 

Find the Right Partner for Your Success When You Trust In MOSAIC’s Oil & Gas Software 

At Omnira, we understand that essential to implementing and maintaining new oil and gas software is gaining a partner dedicated to your success. Our team works with you hand-in-hand throughout the entire implementation process to ensure you get the most out of our robust software. Our solution, MOSAIC, is an economic evaluation software built from the ground up as a single solution to fully manage PRMS, as well as budgeting, capital management, and multiple alternative scenarios and sensitivities. 

As you get started, we’ll review your data and ensure we accomplish all of your unique conversion requirements. With the help of our team, we’ll migrate data efficiently and confidently, in no time at all! Even more, we’ll provide you with the ongoing training and support you need to get the most out of our solution. 

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