This 30-minute webinar will show you how to lower costs by lessening the impact and improving the efficiency of your annual reserves reconciliation process.  


Why consider a change now?  Simply put, because "the way we've always done it" is likely costing you more money and resources than it should.  With a modern software like MOSAIC, you can take advantage of an automated reconciliation process, and more.


Here's a preview of what we'll cover in the webinar: 

  • Clear and precise reconciliation with excellent data quality in a single platform.
  • Automated data capture and calculations - significantly reducing manual intervention and impact on operations teams.
  • Reproducible - meaning you will have proficient, reliable, and balanced figures at the end of each period.
  • Less routine work producing faster and more meaningful performance measures - completed in hours rather than weeks.
  • Increased productivity and higher efficiency, which translates into decreased costs and reduce errors.
  • Greater compliance to maintain accurate activity records and audit trails for regulatory recording.
  • A rich single-source data set that leads to other inquiries for variance and sensitivity analysis.



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