Price Forecasts by Engineering Firm


The tables provided on this web page present Omnira Software’s best efforts to provide a reasonable facsimile of product prices and market forecasts for the Oil and Gas industry as prepared by the engineering firms listed above.

Prices and forecasts are provided by these firms and based on information obtained from various sources, including government agencies, industry publications, oil refiners, and natural gas marketers. The forecasts presented here are based on an informed interpretation of the information by these engineering firms and can be considered reasonable at the time they were published.

Canada United States
Price Decks Insite GLJ McDaniel Sproule Trimble D&M NSAI Ryder Scott
Zip April 2024 Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip
Zip March 2024 Zip
Zip January 2024 Zip
Zip December 2023 Zip
Zip October 2023 Zip
Zip September 2023 Zip
Zip July 2023 Zip Zip
Zip April 2023 Zip Zip
Zip January 2023 Zip Zip

Inflation, Tax, and Royalty Decks

Zip 2017 Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip
Zip 2018 Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip


The information provided to Omnira Software was accepted as is, and Omnira Software accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies within it.

Users of this information are asked to recognize the high degree of uncertainty associated with forecasting oil and gas prices, and Omnira Software takes no responsibility for the application of these numbers by any parties.

Omnira Software is not liable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the numbers provided on this site.