Switching Oil And Gas Economic Software Is Easier Than You’d Think

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In our last blog, we talked about how over time, many companies’ legacy oil and gas economic and reserves forecasting software eventually causes them to waste time and labor due to inefficient and fragmented processes. We also uncovered how a modern economic, reserves, and budget forecasting software can alleviate this.

In this blog, we turn our attention to a key hurdle in changing software solutions: the idea that change is too big of a hassle and not worth the time, money, and energy to switch.

Why Switch to a Unified Oil & Gas Economic Software Solution

It’s common to have this concern framed under two different headings: corporate change and personal change.

From a corporate perspective, there are often workflows around the software that have been in-place for a long time that they can seem daunting to change. On a personal level, whether your coworkers currently like the software they are using or not, they’re comfortable using it.

Even if a new software solution were to make their lives easier, that requires willingness to change and acceptance that it will take a little effort. 

The way to mitigate this concern is to work with the right software vendor that has strong expertise in helping oil and gas companies with implementation, training, and support. To this extent, you are dependent on the support team behind the software you choose to implement.

To find the right software provider, you need to know what they are going to do to help your team with the transition out of a legacy or manual system. Here are some qualities to look for in a unified oil and gas economic software provider.

What to Look for in an Oil & Gas Economic & Reserves Software Provider

Personal Training

When you look to partner with a software company, you’re looking to build a relationship. It doesn’t matter how capable new software is if the team behind that software isn’t able to help your team learn how to use it efficiently.

Your coworkers will reasonably reject the change if they don’t experience the support they need to learn the new software. Make sure to find a company that will provide you with personal training and resources to ensure your success.

Continued Support

Even after new software is installed and an initial training session accustoms your team with the software, something will always come up. Part of having a relationship with a software company is the continued contact your team will have with them.

As you encounter new areas of need, your software partner needs to be readily available to help you.

System Configuration & Data Migration

You still use your legacy system for a good reason: It performs the processes and contains the data your organization needs!

Your software partner needs to be able to customize the new software configuration to make the transition as easy and as comfortable as possible. As well, all that data stored on your legacy system is invaluable to your business.

Make sure the software company you partner with is able to both migrate, as well as provide guidance on how to clean up that data so it’s readily available to you on your new system. When both of these tasks are performed, the learning curve and initial work using the new software is minimalized.

Refreshing your Data with MOSAIC

If you’re ready to partner with an oil and gas economic and reserves software vendor you can trust, we can help!

At Omnira, we know that teams want to improve their efficiency and save money in the long-run, but they’re hesitant about the perceived difficulty of making a switch. With our petroleum reserves management software called MOSAIC, you’ll never have to worry about that. Our customers have a 100% success rate when transitioning from legacy software into our solution.

In fact, switching to MOSAIC is easier and quicker than you’d think, with most companies successfully implementing MOSAIC in as little as just a few months or even weeks

With MOSAIC implemented, the people in your engineering, planning, and reserves groups will see significant value in a number of key areas:

  1. Better insight at well, project, and company level to support the best possible capital spending decisions.
  2. An ability to better manage existing wells, that directly corresponds to corporate performance.
  3. Far better ability to accurately and easily track actual capital spend to forecast.

At Omnira, we foster a strong relationship with your team. First, we customize MOSAIC to meet your company’s needs. Then, we migrate all your crucial data to make it available within the new software. Finally, we provide you with personal training, both initially and throughout the time you use the software. 

Best yet - MOSAIC’s subscription costs often are about the same cost (or less) than what companies, like yours, are usually paying for when it comes to the ongoing maintenance of the old, obsolete software. See for yourself when you schedule a free demo of our oil and gas economic reserves forecasting software.

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