Completion Analysis Considerations for Reserve Evaluations

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Editor’s Note: While VISAGE rebranded to VERDAZO in April 2016, we haven’t changed the VISAGE name in our previous blog posts. We’re proud of our decade of work as VISAGE and that lives on within these blogs. Enjoy.

As completion designs and technologies change over time it is increasingly difficult to analyze and quantify the impact that completions have on production and value. As a simple illustration, we can see in the Montney how some key completion parameters have changed over time and the impact they have had on initial gas production rates.


We can also see that there has been a shift in the dominant technologies year over year.



Not understanding the impact that completions have on production could result in a valuation that is not optimized. The challenges of quantifying and communicating the production impacts of completion design parameters can be addressed if you understand them, use a variety of analysis techniques and have the tools to quickly perform those analyses.


Frac Data provided by: Well Completions and Frac Database from Canadian Discovery
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