Understanding the Corporate Impact of Oil and Gas Mergers

Omnira Software

As the oil and gas industry experiences the digital revolution, it’s hard for anyone to ignore the impact it’s making to every realm of business—including the oil and gas Merger & Acquisition process.

Rapidly developing M&A software technology means companies can’t be competitive when relying on results from legacy Petroleum Economics software systems. Some of these legacy systems have been around for twenty years, and they are as quirky as they are cranky.

Top 3 Stress Reducing Trends in Oil and Gas Mergers & Acquisitions

Let’s be honest. How many times have you overwritten or lost data?

If you’re responsible for oil and gas mergers and acquisitions, here are the top trends that can reduce your stress and enable you to make better decisions, more efficiently:

1. Uploading of Investor Deal Packets

While upgrading your Economics Software may seem risky because banks/investors appear only to support legacy outputs, this won’t be true moving into the next generation. Modern software—like Mosaic from Omnira Software—has the capability to import deal sheets written in an Aries or PHDWin format, which means it’s easy to import and export information in standardized and accepted formats for your financial institutions.

The advantage comes when you utilize modern software that can generate data faster and more accurately than legacy systems.

The big picture: Modern Petroleum Economics software helps you quickly analyze deals with multitudes of sensitivities and scenarios while supporting the output in a legacy system format that can go to the bank/investor group for funding.

2. Modern Software Drives Deals

Legacy systems tend to make it difficult to do more than analyze a deal as a discrete entity. The key to winning deals in 2020 is to employ software that demonstrates the impact of deals at the corporate level.

In the digital age, best practice dictates that deals should be run through analysis both at the individual level, as well as looking at the impact on the corporation as a whole. Utilizing Petroleum Economics software designed around a unified database now makes this critical step possible.

The big picture: as the industry evolves, modern software will be the key to winning deals because it can optimize deals and measure impact across the entire company. Modern oil and gas software systems can support a quick upload, verification, and in-depth analysis of data.

3. Modern Software Is Fast & Intuitive

We all know how competitive the industry is. You also need to visualize how the deal will work based on your company’s ability to optimize and pull value out of the acquisition.

The big picture: modern software is easy to use, supports your standard analysis and financing workflows, and provides a competitive edge.

Are you ready to embrace the digital revolution and start making oil and gas mergers & acquisitions quickly and efficiently?

MOSAIC is the next-generation software for capital planning, decline analysis, budgeting, petroleum economics, and corporate reserves. Using MOSAIC, you’ll step into the industry’s digital revolution with confidence as you win more deals while saving time and money!

As a single-unified software platform, MOSAIC is the oil and gas industry’s most efficient and reliable economic management software. It’s proven to outperform legacy systems in operational efficiency, risk reduction, and time-to-value.


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