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Uncertainty Considerations for Development Planning Type Curves

Omnira Software

The use of Type-well Curves for Development Planning has many uncertainties. Not adequately taking these uncertainties into account can result in statistically unachievable expectations. Failure to meet production expectations can have drastic stock market consequences on share value. This presentation provides guidance about the uncertainties that need to be considered and how Aggregation Curve approaches can help you better plan for statistically achievable results.



About Bertrand Groulx

Bertrand Groulx is a well-respected oil and gas industry expert with almost 30 years of experience driving innovation and developing advanced solutions. He possesses deep knowledge and understanding of data analytics in the sector, which has allowed him to deliver unparalleled enhancements to Omnira Software's VERDAZO and MOSAIC software products. Bertrand's extensive accomplishments in the public and private sectors and his scientific publications and presentations on machine learning, visual analytics, and completion optimization have made him a thought leader. With a B.S. Honors in Geology and Geology and Geomorphology from the University of British Columbia, Bertrand focuses on enhancing Omnira Software's business intelligence and discovery analytics products in his current role, particularly the VERDAZO platform's growth and development. As a blog author, Bertrand shares his unique expertise and insights, offering valuable knowledge and guidance to industry professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of the constantly evolving oil and gas landscape.