Omnira Software Welcomes Bertrand Groulx to the Team

Calgary, Alberta (June 30, 2022) – Omnira Software (Omnira), a leading provider of software solutions to the oil and gas industry for planning, reserves management and visual data analytics, is pleased to announce that Bertrand Groulx is joining the organization as Senior Advisor.

Bertrand Groulx is a pioneer and a thought leader in data analytics and machine learning applied to the Oil and Gas industry. Additionally, his deep understanding of petroleum economics and reserve management, gained during his time with Merak (PeepTM), will be valuable in helping Omnira realize the synergies between MOSAICTM and VERDAZO.TM

Groulx has worked in the public sector and private industry with a remarkable list of accomplishments. He is also well known for his extensive list of technical publications (including several SPE papers) and presentations focused on visual data analytics, completion optimization, operational efficiency, and performance improvements in the oil and gas industry. Bertrand is also recognized for his renowned course: Type-well Curve Fundamentals.

Bertrand brings nearly three decades of experience innovating in the oil and gas industry, including co-founding and leading the strategic direction and design of the first industry-specific visual data analytics solution (VERDAZOTM). He holds a B.S. Honors in Geology and Geomorphology from the University of British Columbia and studied Architecture and Industrial Design at the University of Calgary. Canada's Society of Petroleum Engineers recognized Bertrand Groulx for his contributions to the industry with a Production and Operations Award.

“We are very excited to have Bertrand joining the Omnira team,” said CEO Francisco Gomez. "He is a world-class oil and gas software innovator, and his expertise in data analytics and machine learning in the oil and gas industry will be instrumental in taking VERDAZOTM globally,” he added.

Omnira specializes in software solutions for the oil and gas industry to help exploration and production (E&P) companies make better capital investments and operations decisions. Its solutions support critical E&P processes, including reserves management, planning, and different engineering and operations processes. Omnira’s solutions deliver efficiencies, confidence in the data, and insights, for E&P companies to develop their hydrocarbon resources, maximizing shareholder value that attracts investment capital.

For more information, contact Silvia Plazas at 403-261-1820.

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