"Workflows to Minimize Uncertainty and Risk in Type Curve Development." This session recapitulates the insights on Bertrand Groulx approach to reducing uncertainty in type curve.

Here's a preview of what we'll cover in the webinar: 

  • Pragmatic ways to measure uncertainty
  • Optimized analogue selection to focus on impact to reduce uncertainty
  • How to measure downside potential of production outcomes using Aggregation
  • Benefits of using near-term, higher-confidence, production forecasts for value-driven         decisions
  • An example of an Agile Risk Assessment process in action

About the Presenter. Bertrand Groulx, a highly experienced oil and gas industry professional with over two decades of expertise in driving innovation and developing advanced solutions. With a deep understanding of data analytics in the sector, Bertrand has been able to deliver unparalleled enhancements to Omnira Software's products. His extensive accomplishments in both public and private sectors, as well as his scientific publications and presentations on machine learning, visual analytics, and completion optimization, have cemented his reputation as a thought leader in the industry.


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