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Minimizing Uncertainty and Risk in Type Curve Development: Download the SPE CETC Presentation

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Delve into specialized insights on reducing uncertainty and risk in type curve development. Explore tailored workflows and strategies to enhance your oil and gas production.

In the dynamic and often unpredictable oil and gas landscape, having effective strategies to navigate uncertainty and risk is paramount. In his latest webinar, "Workflows to Minimize Uncertainty and Risk in Type Curve Development," Bertrand Groulx provides valuable insights and mitigation strategies. 

In this Webinar recapitulating the insights & discussions from the SPE Canadian Energy Technology Conference, attendees gained insights into practical techniques to measure uncertainty, optimize analogue selection to reduce uncertainty, measure the downside potential of production outcomes using aggregation, use near-term, higher-confidence production forecasts for value-driven decisions, and how to apply an Agile Risk Assessment process in action. 

Your Access to Expert Insights and Resources

For those seeking a tangible takeaway from the webinar, we've now made the presentation slides available. Consider these slides as your go-to reference, ensuring that the expert insights are available to be revisited whenever needed.

Couldn't attend the live session? No worries. Explore this topic further by accessing the on-demand webinar at your convenience and immerse yourself in valuable insights.

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Bertrand Groulx, a highly experienced oil and gas industry professional with over two decades of expertise in driving innovation and developing advanced solutions. With a deep understanding of data analytics in the sector, Bertrand has been able to deliver unparalleled enhancements to Omnira Software's products. His extensive accomplishments in both public and private sectors, as well as his scientific publications and presentations on machine learning, visual analytics, and completion optimization, have cemented his reputation as a thought leader in the industry.